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HEALtours Sedona Donna Ballenger



Hello my new friends, I'm very excited and humbled to introduce myself to you.  I have spent the past 20+ years on a profound spiritual journey being opened to the wisdom of illness & disease.  This odyssey culminated with an ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2006.  Three days after this news, while in deep meditation I received the miraculous message, "This cancer isn't here to kill you.  It's here to save you." 


I knew I was being presented with the greatest defining moment of my life; a Divine opportunity to apply everything I had learned about healing to date.  Rather than 'fighting' the cancer I deeply surrendered, receiving it with love and gratitude. This was the key that unlocked its transformative, healing power.  The wisdom gained via the experience not only allowed a physical cure of the cancer, (I have been cancer free ever since), but more INcredibly awakened me to the true purpose and meaning of my life, healing and transforming every aspect of it.

A year later my healing abilities exponentially expanded, as the skill to communicate consciously with Spirit Guides & Angels opened within me. 

Suddenly, I had access to a level of guidance that had previously been hidden behind a veil of fear.  I now had the unique ability to look at any challenge in a person's life and explain the spiritual significance, bringing them newfound peace and understanding as well.  With profound gratitude, I watched people begin to HEAL.  Soon after this, Sedona 'called' me and I spent 2012-2017 here creating much of my body of work, while immersing myself in the healing energy to ground this material fully into my life.  I now split my time between Sedona and Colorado.

HEALtours is truly the culmination of my life's work.  A beautiful combination of a Spiritual Retreat, where I will teach you everything I learned so that you too, may transform and heal your life, while immersing yourself in Sedona's healing landscape.  I have created an incredibly unique experience, where the day's workshop theme will be interwoven and supported by the day's tour destinations. My intention will be to awaken and expand your Spiritual side with our daily morning workshop, then deeply integrate and ground the information into your Human life via our afternoon excursion.  Then we'll share our INsights over dinner. Quite literally, I will be teaching you what I LOVE, in the place that I LOVE, so that I may guide you with LOVE, every step of the way.

To support your healing journey, in addition to having experienced everything I will teach you in my own life, I also come forth with the following credentials; I am a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, trained by Hay House Author and 'Notes from the Universe' creator, Mike Dooley, as well as a Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner, trained by founder Dr. Eric Pearl.  I am the creator/teacher of the 'Creating a Legacy of Love Now Retreat', and the 'Channeling Grace Workshop.' A pinnacle moment of my life was being given the honor of being the keynote speaker at the Relay for Life Cancer Fundraiser at the University of Northern Colorado, where I shared my story with 800 students/staff, helping to transform the FEAR in their lives to LOVE.