I have determined that healing and transformation require a 5 step process, and have created an acronym for each one:

S.T.I.L.L.  -  Silent Time Inviting (the) Language (of) Love

O.N.E.     -  Our Natural Essence

S.M.I.L.E.Shared Message In Love Energy

S.O.A.R.  -  Spectacularly Open And Rise

H.E.A.L.   -  Heaven's Explanation About Love

Your 5 day HEALtour guides you through the process, addressing one step each day.  This will be the theme of the day's workshop, and the daily tour destinations will support it. 




(*Restaurants & Destinations are subject to change)


WorkshopTheme:  S.T.I.L.L. - Silent Time Inviting (the) Language (of) Love  

Lunch:  Judi's Restaurant (Beautiful hidden gem - Sedona's Hometown Favorite for 30 years).

Tour:    Page Springs Wildlife Viewing Area and

Blackhawk Trail/Blue Heron Habitat/Oak Creek (my favorite place in the world)



Workshop Theme:  O.N.E. - Our Natural Essence

Lunch:  Mesa Grille (On the Airport Mesa (vortex) Bluff, with spectacular views overlooking the entire city.)

Tour:  Crescent Moon Ranch Park / Cathedral Rock (vortex) / Buddha Beach (my other favorite place in the entire world!)  :)



Workshop Theme:  S.M.I.L.E. - Shared Message In Love Energy

Lunch:  Mariposa  (Breathtaking, awe-inspiring views)

Tour:  This is a touring day where I will take you to all the spectacular vistas overlooking Sedona's most famous rock formations (ie: Coffee Pot, Sphinx, Cockscomb, Courthouse Butte, Cathedral Rock, etc.). 



Workshop Theme:  S.O.A.R. - Spectacularly Open And Rise

Lunch:  The Asylum Restaurant (In the Jerome Grand Hotel, with views overlooking the entire Verde Valley.)

Tour:  I will be taking you high above Sedona to Jerome, which has a history as a booming copper-mining town. We'll explore its uniquely funky shops and galleries and look out over unparalleled views of Sedona and the entire Verde Valley. We'll drive through the quaint little town of Cottonwood on the way.



Workshop Theme:  H.E.A.L. - Heaven's Explanation About Love

Lunch:  Javalina Cantina (In the Hillside Shops/Galleries - I will also take you to my two favorite shops so you can pick out the perfect memento of your HEALtour if you wish!)  :)

Tour:  Today we'll head to the Village of Oak Creek, home to spectacular Bell Rock (vortex) & Courthouse Butte. We will explore the Bell Rock Vista, taking in the breathtaking views and immersing  ourselves in the healing energy of the Bell Rock vortex. 


This is our full circle day, when we put all the wisdom of the Tour days together and understand fully the message of H.E.A.L. - Heaven's Explanation About Love.  As we prepare for your HEALtour to end, I want you to have one final, amazing look at where you've been and how far you've come... so from Bell Rock we will 'take the long way home,' which will take us back across Page Springs Road (our first day's destination) and through West Sedona, so you can see all the amazing scenery one more time.

**LUNCH - It is my intention that your HEALtour not only be a defining moment in your spiritual journey, but also one of the most incredible vacations of your life. For this reason, all of our restaurant experiences will allow you to order the meal of your choice; whatever sounds DELICIOUS in the moment! 

**We will all begin this journey as strangers, but end as lifelong Soul companions.  You will never walk alone again. 

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