What is a HEALtour?




*A HEALtour is an All-inclusive, week long

Spiritual Retreat / Guided Tour of Sedona*

*Daily Workshop, Lodging, Meals & Transportation to Tour Destinations are ALL INCLUDED*

In my experience, a HEALtour is something you will feel 'called' to.  You will have an inner 'knowing' that this is the answer you have been praying for. You may not know 'why' yet, but there will be no denying that everything in your life; your joy and pain, have opened and prepared you to arrive at this defining moment. You have known for some time that you are ready for your life to change, but haven't known how. You seek deeper meaning, crave connection with your higher purpose, and know you are destined to serve in a more profound capacity.  

If you have found me and HEALtours, it is not a coincidence in the normal 'random' sense of the word.  I have always loved Dr. Wayne Dyer's definition.  He says that 'coincidence' comes from the geometry term 'coincide' - two things that fit perfectly together. I believe you have been guided here to this Divine Appointment.  It is my deepest honor to connect with you at this pivotal moment in your life, and guide you through a process that will allow you to see and experience your whole life from a higher perspective.


I believe we are ALL Spiritual Beings and Human Beings at the same time.  When we align these two sides of ourselves, we become empowered to experience heaven on earth. Your HEALtour is uniquely designed with this in mind.  Together, we will embark on a profound spiritual journey, awakening you to the transformative power of any challenge or pain in your life.  My wisdom was gained via the challenge of illness, but it applies universally. I am going to set you free from the exhaustive search for an evasive life purpose, and open you to the truth of what it really is. When you return home, you will immediately live as the optimal version of yourself; A Healing Instrument of Love in the life of every person in your world.  I will guide you, you will guide them, and together we will ALL HEAL.  

I deeply understand the spiritual and human commitment this will require of you, and want you to know that I will guide and support you with love every step of the way. I have put tremendous thought into creating an experience for you that will not only transform your life with the wisdom gained, but also give you the most amazing vacation Sedona has to offer. I will quite literally teach you what healed me, and take you to the places I love the most in Sedona, which supported my healing. For this reason, I have created HEALtours as an All-Inclusive experience, taking care of all the logistics for you. Workshops, Lodging, Meals & Transportation to Tour Destinations are ALL INCLUDED for one price, so that you can fully surrender into the process of healing and transformation. 

Tour Weeks run Sat. - Sat.; with Saturdays being your travel days to and from Sedona.  The tour itself will run on Sun., Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri. with Wed. being a FREE DAY. 


*7 Nights Hotel Accommodations at the gorgeous Los Abrigados Resort & Spa

(A Diamond Resorts International Property)


You will have a 1 King Bedroom Unit, complete with kitchen, living area & lovely patio/balcony

The Resort offers a fitness center/spa, 18 hole mini-golf, tennis, pools & spa tub, as well as a lovely Creekside park for your use. 

On the 5 Tour Days (Sun., Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri.)

*A Daily Morning Workshop with me, Donna Ballenger

*All Meals, to include Breakfast during the Workshop, as well as Lunch & Dinner at the amazing area restaurants

*Transportation to all the tour destinations & restaurants

**Participants are responsible for their travel to and from Sedona, as well as any meals/activities on their Sat. travel days and Wed. FREE DAY.


October 20-27, 2018

November 10-17, 2018

January 12-19, 2019

February 9-16, 2019

March 9-16, 2019

March 23-30, 2019

April 6-13, 2019

April 27 - May 4, 2019



A HEALtour is designed to be an intimate, immersive experience and will have only 5 people on each Tour. This will allow each person to receive an incredible amount of individual attention from me. The truly expansive nature of this is that I know for sure that God answers every prayer 'as us.'  Divine synchronicity will determine who is on what tour together.  We will all have much to learn from each other, and I am certain become lifelong Soul companions.


I will be your exclusive Teacher, Tour Guide & Host for every activity on the tour, allowing me to deeply support your journey.  Each day begins with an expansive 2 hour workshop over breakfast at Los Abrigados, then on to lunch, an afternoon excursion which will deeply support the day's healing theme, some down time to relax and integrate the day's learning, and will finish with a delicious dinner at an area restaurant to share INsights.



It is the responsibility of each guest to be aware of their physical abilities or limitations, and to be in sufficient good health to undertake this Sedona Spiritual Retreat / Guided Tour. To make the most of this journey and experience each of the tour destinations optimally, you should be able to be on your feet and walk unassisted for at least two to three hours (often over uneven ground or pathways).






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