Hello my new friends, I'm very excited and humbled to introduce myself to you.  I have spent the past 25+ years on a profound spiritual journey being opened to the wisdom of illness. This odyssey culminated with an ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2006, which delivered a message that would completely change my life;


"This cancer isn't here to kill you. 

It's here to save you." 


I knew I was being presented with a miraculous opportunity to apply everything I had learned about healing to date.  Rather than 'fighting' the cancer, I deeply surrendered, receiving it with love and gratitude. This was the key that unlocked its transformative, healing power.  


The wisdom gained via the experience not only allowed a physical cure of the cancer, (I have been cancer free ever since), but more profoundly, awakened me to the true purpose and meaning of life, offering true HEALING.

A year later, my healing abilities exponentially expanded, as the skill to communicate consciously with Spirit Guides & Angels opened within me. Suddenly, I had access to a level of guidance that had previously been hidden behind a veil of fear.  I now had the unique ability to look at any challenge in a person's life and explain the spiritual significance, bringing them newfound peace and understanding as well.  With profound gratitude, I watched people begin to HEAL.


When an experience has shown up in your life that is pulling you off balance and creating FEAR, I can help you understand the spiritual significance of why it is happening, and empower you to approach it with much greater peace and understanding.  This will allow you to transform through the experience, deeply HEALING your life.   



My readings are done via email, and are quite extensive. When I do your reading, I will connect with my own Guides, led by my primary Spirit Guide, Jonah, as well as any other Guides & Angels connected to you, whom wish to deliver the most LOVING & HEALING information possible.


I do not control them with a time limit. My intention is to give you my optimal service, by providing ALL the information you need to find peace and move forward. A reading typically takes me over 2 hours, and you will receive approximately 6 pages single spaced via email, so that you have a written record to refer back to. 



Simply send an email to with 'READING REQUEST' as your subject.

In your email, please provide a BRIEF SYNOPSIS of the situation you would like guidance on. 


The cost of your reading is $199.

Payment must be made in advance of your reading. When you send your 'Reading Request' email, this will generate an emailed invoice for payment sent back to you from Paypal.

You may pay with Debit/Credit/Paypal via the link in the invoice. There will be a $6.00 Paypal processing fee added, making your total due $205.00.

Once payment is received, you will receive your reading within one week. 


You will receive your reading at the email address you sent your request from (unless you specify otherwise).  

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"Thank you so much for the reading! This information gives me a new lease on my life. I am so encouraged and uplifted with this guidance."  - Joan, CO


"OMG Donna, what a lovely and extensive reading! It's a very clear expression and sharing. I am very grateful for your offering and will definitely share you as a resource."  - Patricia, AZ

*Disclaimer: The information you receive in your Reading is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness.  The contents of the reading are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Never disregard professional medical or psychological advice or delay seeking treatment due to information you anticipate receiving, or receive in your Reading.


Donna Ballenger understands your concerns about the security and confidentiality of online transactions. She has made, and will continue to make, a substantial effort in establishing protocols that maintain client integrity and privacy. You acknowledge that conducting business on the internet poses certain security risks, known and unknown, that are beyond the control of Donna Ballenger.