*HEALtour INvestment*

I have discovered there is a profound difference between HEALING and CURING.  Curing is simply the elimination of physical symptoms; purely a surface level change.  However, Healing is deep, Soul level transformation, creating newfound peace & understanding. When you live your life from a HEALED state of mind, you allow a CURE to arrive in all areas of your life that need transformation.


By the completion of your HEALtour, not only will you have the wisdom and tools to create profound change in your own life, but you will be a Healing Instrument of Love in the lives of everyone in your world.  


* Your Defining Moment Has Arrived* 

The INvestment for your All-inclusive, Sedona Spiritual Retreat / Guided Tour is $4999.00






BOOKING your HEALtour couldn't be easier!


Client Contract:  


STEP 1:  Please print your Client Contract, complete, sign and return by either:

- scan and email to healtours@gmail.com


-mail to HEALtours, 1038C Fontmore Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80904


A non-refundable deposit of $500 per person is required at the time of booking to hold your spot on the Tour.  Once your Contract is received by HEALtours, an Invoice for this payment will be sent to you via email. This is due upon receipt, and your spot on the tour is not reserved until paid.  You may pay via mailed check, written on a U.S. Bank, payable to 'HEALtours' to the address above, (which is preferred) or with debit/credit/Paypal via the link in the email. Your Deposit will be  credited toward your Final Payment. Once payment is received, your HEALtour is reserved and you will be about to embark on the most transformational, healing journey of your life!


100% of the Tour price is due 60 days before your Tour start date and is non-refundable at that time.  You will receive an Invoice via email for this final balance ($4499.00) approximately 90 days before your Tour.  This is payable via mailed check written on a U.S. Bank, payable to 'HEALtours' to the address above, (which is preferred) or debit/credit/Paypal via the link in the email.  *If you qualified for an Early Bird Discount, it will be deducted from your Final Payment.

If you register for your Tour within 60 days of the Tour start date, your non-refundable payment in full ($4999.00) is due at the time of booking.  You will receive an Invoice for this via email as soon as your Client Contract is returned and payment may be made via the same methods as above.  


$1000 DISCOUNT for 2 people registering together who wish to share a 1 King Bedroom Unit at the Los Abrigados Resort, awarded as a $500 reduction in tour cost per person.  This will be deducted from the Final Payment and each person will owe a balance of $3999.00.


All Cancellations Must Be Made In Writing via email to healtours@gmail.com, and are effective upon receipt by HEALtours.


*DEPOSITS & FINAL PAYMENTS are non-refundable, however are transferable. If you are unable to attend, you may transfer your deposit and final payment to another participant for the same tour date.  

**It is highly recommended that you purchase Travel Insurance at the time of booking in case you need to cancel your trip unexpectedly. 

www.travelinsurance.com is a helpful site that will give you quotes from different companies. 



As always, if you have any questions, please contact me directly at:

(719) 660-6830  or  healtours@gmail.com

'Do you know why the caged  bird sings?

Because the choice to BE LOVE is always present in any situation.'

-Donna Ballenger


HEALtours Sedona
HEALtours Sedona
HEALtours Sedona
HEALtours Sedona
HEALtours Sedona