Discover the deepest PURPOSE and MEANING of your life,
while exploring the vast BEAUTY and HEALING ENERGY of Sedona, AZ

A HEALtour is an INCREDIBLE 5 Day 

Spiritual Retreat/Guided Tour of Sedona

*Awaken your Soul in the morning... Heal your Life in the afternoon...

S.M.I.L.E., you're only 5 days away from living your TRUE LIFE PURPOSE, right now!


Hello my new friends, I'm very excited and humbled to introduce myself to you.  I have spent the past 20+ years on a profound spiritual journey being opened to the wisdom of illness. This odyssey culminated with an ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2006, which delivered a message that would completely change my life;


"This cancer isn't here to kill you. 

It's here to save you." 


I knew I was being presented with a miraculous opportunity to apply everything I had learned about healing to date.  Rather than 'fighting' the cancer, I deeply surrendered, receiving it with love and gratitude. This was the key that unlocked its transformative, healing power.  


The wisdom gained via the experience not only allowed a physical cure of the cancer, (I have been cancer free ever since), but more INcredibly awakened me to the true purpose and meaning of my life, healing and transforming every aspect of it.

A year later, my healing abilities exponentially expanded, as the skill to communicate consciously with Spirit Guides & Angels opened within me. Suddenly, I had access to a level of guidance that had previously been hidden behind a veil of fear.  I now had the unique ability to look at any challenge in a person's life and explain the spiritual significance, bringing them newfound peace and understanding as well.  With profound gratitude, I watched people begin to HEAL. 


Soon after this, Sedona 'called' me and I spent 2012-2017 here creating much of my body of work, while immersing myself in the healing energy to ground this material fully into my life.  I now split my time between Colorado (my family's home) and Sedona (the home of my heart).


HEALtours is truly the culmination of my life's work.  I will lovingly guide you through a 5 day journey, where I will teach you everything I learned, so that you too, may understand your true life purpose, and return home ready to transform and heal every aspect of your life. 

To support your healing journey, in addition to having experienced everything I will teach you in my own life, I also come forth with the following credentials; I am a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, trained by Hay House Author and 'Notes from the Universe' creator, Mike Dooley, as well as a Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner, trained by founder, Dr. Eric Pearl.  I am the creator/teacher of the 'Creating a Legacy of Love Now Retreat,' and the 'Channeling Grace Workshop.' A pinnacle moment of my life was being given the honor of being the keynote speaker at the Relay for Life Cancer Fundraiser at the University of Northern Colorado, where I shared my story with 800 students/staff, helping to transform the FEAR in their lives, to LOVE.

What is a HEALtour?



*A HEALtour is an INCREDIBLE 5 Day Spiritual Retreat/Guided Tour of Sedona

*Morning Workshop, Restaurant Lunch & Afternoon Guided Tour each day are ALL INCLUDED*


When I was diagnosed with cancer at 41, I wasn't afraid to die; I was afraid that I'd never truly lived... never made the difference I wanted to make. Back then, I thought I had to DO something BIG, but now I understand that healing ourselves, and changing the world is about BEING LOVE, in small, grace-filled ways. 

If you have found me and HEALtours, it is not a coincidence in the normal 'random' sense of the word.  I have always loved Dr. Wayne Dyer's definition.  He says that 'coincidence' comes from the geometry term 'coincide' - two things that fit perfectly together. I believe you have been guided here to this Divine Appointment. 


In my experience, a HEALtour is something you will feel 'called ' to.  You will have an inner 'knowing' that this is the answer you have been searching for. You have known for some time that you are ready for your life to change. You seek deeper meaning, crave connection with your higher purpose, and know you are destined to serve in a more profound capacity. It is my deepest honor to connect with you at this pivotal moment in your life, and guide you through a process that will allow you to see, and experience your whole life from a higher perspective. Please click on the 'S.M.I.L.E. Tribe' link above to understand how your life is about to heal and transform.


Your HEALtour will run Mon. - Fri. in the following format:

9:30 - 11:30am - Transformative Morning Workshop at the gorgeous Sedona Creative Life Center

12:00 - 1:30pm - Delicious Lunch at one of Sedona's Incredible Restaurants

2:00 - 5:00pm - Amazing Guided Tour to Sedona's most beautiful, healing destinations, supporting the day's workshop theme

My intention will be to Awaken your Soul at the morning workshop, teaching you everything I learned; then we'll Heal your Life in the afternoon, by visiting destinations that will support and deeply ground the information into your experience.  

I will TEACH you the information, then GROUND it into your life, so you go home transformed, ready to LIVE it.

Please click here to see the amazing 


A HEALtour is designed to be an intimate, immersive experience and will have only 5 people on each Tour. This will allow each person to receive an incredible amount of individual attention from me. Divine synchronicity will determine who is on what tour together.  We will all have much to learn from each other, and our daily lunches will provide an opportunity to connect and share personal INsights of great depth, amplifying the power of the HEALtour. I am certain we will all become lifelong Soul companions.

I will be your exclusive Teacher, Lunch Host & Tour Guide for every activity on the tour, allowing me to deeply support your journey.  I will provide your transportation each day from the Creative Life Center to lunch, then on to the afternoon tour destinations. Upon completion each day, I will return you to your car at the Creative Life Center. 

**You are responsible for your travel to and from Sedona, and for booking your own lodging and meals (breakfast & dinner). Sedona has many amazing hotels, airbnb's, & VRBO's etc., many of which will allow you to cook your own meals, giving you the ability to make your trip as economical or luxurious as you'd like! Please plan to arrive in Sedona no later than the Sunday before your HEALtour begins on Monday morning. You'll most likely want to spend the weekend before or after your HEALtour, to enjoy some free time on Sedona's amazing trails etc.  I have wonderful hiking suggestions if you wish!  :)

It is the responsibility of each guest to be aware of their physical abilities or limitations, and to be in sufficient good health to undertake their HEALtour.  To make the most of this journey and experience each of the tour destinations optimally, you should be able to be on your feet and walk unassisted for at least two to three hours (often over uneven ground or pathways).







*Your Defining Moment Has Arrived*


*HEALtour INvestment*

I have discovered there is a profound difference between HEALING and CURING.  Curing is simply the elimination of physical symptoms; purely a surface level change.  However, Healing is deep, Soul level transformation, creating newfound peace & understanding. When you live your life from a HEALED state of mind, you allow a CURE to arrive in all areas of your life.


By the completion of your HEALtour, not only will you have the wisdom to create profound change in your own life, but also in the lives of everyone in your world.  I will guide you, you will guide them,

and together WE WILL ALL HEAL.  <3


The INvestment for your 5 day Sedona Spiritual Retreat / Guided Tour is $1499.00

(That's only $300/day for an amazing 2 hour workshop,

delicious restaurant lunch AND a 3 hour guided Tour!!)




BOOKING your HEALtour couldn't be easier!


Client Contract:  


STEP 1:  Please print your Client Contract, complete, sign and return by:

- scan and email to healtours@gmail.com


-mail it to HEALtours  (please call or email to request address)

*Please call or email first to verify your chosen HEALtour date is available.


A non-refundable deposit of $500 per person is required at the time of booking to hold your spot on the Tour.  When your Contract is received by HEALtours, an Invoice for this payment will be sent to you via email. This is due upon receipt, and your spot on the tour is not reserved until paid.  You may pay via mailed check written on a U.S. Bank, payable to 'Healtours' (which is preferred) via the address in the email, or with debit/credit/Paypal via the link in the email. Your deposit will be credited toward your final payment. Once payment is received, your HEALtour is reserved and you will be about to embark on the most transformational, healing journey of your life!


100% of the Tour price is due 30 days before your Tour start date and is non-refundable at that time.  You will receive an Invoice via email for this final balance ($999.00) approximately 45 days before your Tour.  This is payable via mailed check written on a U.S.Bank, payable to 'HEALtours' (which is preferred) or debit/credit/Paypal via the link in the email. *If you qualified for the Early Bird Discount, it will be deducted from your Final Payment. *Once final payment is made, you will receive your 'HEALtours Trip Planning Guide' with info. on what to pack etc. 

If you register for your Tour within 30 days of the Tour start date, your non-refundable payment in full ($1499.00) is due at the time of booking.  You will receive an Invoice for this via email as soon as your Client Contract is returned and payment may be made via the same methods as above.  


All Cancellations Must Be Made In Writing via email to healtours@gmail.com, and are effective upon receipt by HEALtours.


*DEPOSITS & FINAL PAYMENTS are non-refundable, however are transferable. If you are unable to attend, you may transfer your deposit and final payment to another participant for the same tour date.  

**It is highly recommended that you purchase Travel Insurance at the time of booking in case you need to cancel your trip unexpectedly. 

www.travelinsurance.com is a helpful site that will give you quotes from different companies. 





As always, if you have any questions, please contact me directly at:

(719) 660-6830  or  healtours@gmail.com

'Do you know why the caged  bird sings?

Because the choice to BE LOVE is always present in any situation.'

-Donna Ballenger

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